One of the great things about not having a plan for Rock Unemployment is that I get to check out all of the awesome folks online who are doing cool stuff. After all, being between gigs isn’t *always* about sitting on the couch, watching Dance Your Ass Off… right?

Today, via Super Duper Fantastic—who I met a few years back when I was doing my 101 in 1001—I came across Not That Kind of Girl.

“NTKOG” is “on a quest to do 250 completely uncharacteristic things before August 23, 2010”. Not only is her writing snappy, she’s out there rocking it! Among other things, she’s gone out on the town in a blonde wig, asked for a do-over on a manicure, and tried being a day drinker. Check out her What I’ve Learned page for the whole list.

Consider me a fan!

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2 Responses to Cool Person: Not That Kind of Girl

  1. *skips on over to NTKOG*

    Ok, more like *darts on over!* You had me at “on a quest to do 250 uncharacteristic things before…” Sounds like the kind of thing I need to do to exercise my bravery muscle!