Dyana Valentine

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Dyana Valentine to talk about how freelancers – especially those with multiple job titles – can pitch themselves. We chatted about selling your multiple skills to employers and clients, bringing passion to your pitch, and mobilizing your network to talk about you (in a good way!).

Listen to our conversation here:

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10 Responses to Interview with Dyana Valentine: How to sell yourself with the perfect pitch

  1. dyanavalentine says:

    thank you, Melanie. This was a BLAST! I can't wait to read folks questions and ideas here!! Bring it ON!

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  3. CindyMorefield says:

    Melanie – Love your site, and you are a fantastic interviewer!
    Dyana – you know I love you! So good to hear you going live. Crackling energy, as always.
    The power of leading with and following the juice, the sizzle – so very true.
    So. I recently did a 7-word bio: “Artist. Wizard. Ent. Dork. Collaborator. Come play!” Enjoying it a lot. Still looking for the 1-word version, tho, the one quality that runs through all of those things, something that resists stereotyped interpretations (like “artist”). I trust it will appear, but interested to hear ideas.

    • Melanie says:

      Cindy, thanks! I hope you’ll stop by Rock Unemployment again. I’ve got more interviews planned for next month.

      I love your 7-word bio, because it touches on all of the things you do, but it might be tricky for people to wrap their heads around so many things. It sounds to me like the key to finding that “one quality” is in the last 2 words of the bio: Come play!

  4. Of all the “experts” I've heard present this past 18 months (and there have been pplleennttyy) Dyana is the most engaging, articulate and motivating.

    Thank you!

    Michael E. Stern

  5. dyanavalentine says:

    Thank you, Cindy and Michael! I really appreciate you listening and the very specific ear you brought to it. Cindy: tell me more about why one word is important to you? Michael: what are you motivated to do now that you listened?

  6. Dyana,

    I am motivated to spend more time refining my pitch. I've experienced many of the things you talk about (I've been working for myself 30years) but now it has shifted so fast and to such new, exciting and overwhelming extremes that reworking the pitch is my new priority.


  7. CindyMorefield says:

    Why one word … good question. Because it's shorter! Seriously, as Melanie said, my 7 words are a lot to get your head around. And finding the common thread appeals to me. Actually, that is more important than having a single word – could be 2 or 3, as long as they're spot on.

  8. Hey you instigator you- great interview!

    * lead with the juice
    * bring your story
    * what problem do you solve, the benefits & how you go about it differently
    * make ’em wait” (I agree, curiousity is SUCH a great thing to instigate)
    * don’t sphincter-ize

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